The Compensation Plan

Learn the basics of how to earn money within the compensation plan.  Your business is built on duplication.  Learn, earn, and then duplicate!

The Compensation Plan – Darin Dowd


Acquire Customers

Learn the first way to earn income by acquiring


Build A Team (JEEP)

Jade is the building block of your business. Create a Jade factory, helping as many individuals as you can reach the position of Jade.


Referring Life Agent

Learn the third way to earn income by referring individuals to complete their Blue Number Analysis and setup their customized wealth plan.

How To Share Product Demos

Business Training Videos

Using the tool
Black diamond geoff belleville 

Sharing Online & The Sales Funnel
Black Diamonds, Josh & Alisha Lindsey

Launch new associates into action
Blue Diamond Mindy Deeble

Tranont Success Story
Diamonds Jerry Lisa Hohlfeld 

Breaking Through Snags In Your Sales Funnel  Black Diamonds Josh & Alisha Lindsey

DMO Daily Method of Operations
Diamonds John & Veronica Singh

Effective Zoom Meetings
Black Diamond Peter Arroyo Jr

Finding Leaders
Blue Diamond Jennifer Dowd

How to build organically
Diamonds Jerry & Lisa Hohlfeld

Wednesday Wake-Calls

Wednesday Wake-up Call
Blue Diamond Mindy Deeble

Business Documents

Business PowerPoints

Business Overview – USA

Business Overview – Canada

Spanish Business Documents